Portfolio > Alone at Night

Farewell Puzzle
Oil on Canvas and Plywood
40 x 36 inches
Friend Group
oil on panel
12 x 16 inches
Walking Alone at Night
Oil on panel, aluminum, wood
12x18 inches
Finding my Footing
oil on panel, acrylic, polymer clay, styrofoam, cardboard, cotton rope
approximately 22 x 45 x 6 inches
The Moon
oil on panel, vintage crocheted lace, denim, embroidery
20 x 44 inches
Searching for Green
oil on panel, paper, recycled grocery bags
20 x14 inches
Farewell Puzzle
40 x 36 inches (flag addendum: 28 inches)

Alone at Night
Works in Progress 2023

These pseudo-landscapes and talismans are an expression of a transitory period in my life-but really, isn't it all transitory? The neon under paintings allude to the immediacy of Impressionism but the process is slow and frequently relies on external props and sculptural attachments as a way to elaborate on an individual thought or as an introduction to a new question within (or beside, below, on top of) the painted composition.

I recently moved to a small town in rural area without a car. I walk a lot. I walk a lot at night. I am near-sided and do have glasses, but am really bad about wearing them. When I walk home in the evening especially (from work, from class, from Giant Eagle), I frequently see shadows and feel a presence. My mind wanders.. who is watching me? How can I protect myself ? How can I engage? These moments have influenced the conception of this work but once the making starts, the process, the paint, the COLOR, and the act of play drives my process.

The final series is meant to be a joyful representation of acceptance of my move here OR will hopefully function as a tool in accessing that form of peace.