5-12 Licensure, Art Foundations

2013 MA, MFA, University of Iowa
2010 Post-Baccalaureate, Brandeis University
2007 BA, Bridgewater State University

As a child I was always compelled to make ‘stuff’. Today I can still be found indulging that sensibility, kneeling on the floor surrounded by canvas, cardboard, and clay.

I've been a full time educator for 10+ years. Throughout this time, creating examples/visuals, hand-drawn worksheets/signage, slide-presentations, and providing feedback for students has essentially been my art practice. Introducing a childlike awe and sensibility within my newer painted and constructed artworks has been a way for me to build a bridge between significant parts of myself.

I am curious about nature, finding comfortability in navigating routines and significant life events alone, and the peculiar parts of dreams. I am inspired by luminous painted worlds and the potential for movement in puppets and props. In my work, stylized shapes often imitate nature and unusual forms describe the thrill of confronting the deeply hidden or unknown. Charged stares lurk in dim corners and attempt to bait viewers with gentle edges resembling leaves and clouds. Ordinary objects reveal instability as they easily slip into the realm of monsters and long shadows.